The high yeld stress steels (EN 10025) are fine-grained and quenched steels. They have a low carbon content but contain elements such as nickel (Ni), copper (Cu) and niobium (NB) that because they have specific chemistry to obtain adequate responses from mechanical characteristics.

They are steels that have several advantages compared to “normal” structural steels. In fact, as well as being easily weldable without the need for pre or post heating, they have an excellent performance in cold formability. They can be flame cut without hardening “and last but not least”, they have a good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. On the market there are both sheet metal derived from coils and sheet metal mill’s rolled from slab.

The range of thicknesses goes from tenths of a millimeter of high-strength micro-alloyed steels from coil, you have several centimeters of thickness of rolled’n’ forged plate derived from ingot; in the middle the mill rolled plates derived from slab. High-strength steels have high yield points which means they have a high elastic capacity before finally deforming. Sidertaglio Lamiere Srl mainly deals with high elastic limit sheets S690QL, S890QL and S960QL, certified by European steel mills with their own registered trademark ©.

The manufacturer’s certification, however, follows the Euronorm, also reporting the standardized name. These steel are born for a vast panorama of users, in fact, they can be used for lifting equipment and for vehicles used for transport and earth-moving, the telescopic harm of cranes, for the load-bearing frames of trucks or railway wagons, up to get to civil and industrial construction. The range of thicknesses treated goes from 3 mm to 200 mm in commercial formats (1500/2000/2500 for 6000/8000/10 and 12000) we can supply part of them and flame-cut detail according to drawing shape.

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