Let’s be precise,
we are fast.

High thickness cutting process has become the main element of our identity. We like to consider ourselves as facilitators of a company’s work, because we always respond to a request with a precise solution in a short time, adopting the correct proposal.


With our experience we can carry out secondary cuts after obtaining the main shape. This particular process allows considerable time saving with economic benefit for our customers.


A process used to prepare parts for welding. Beveling or chamfering is the edges’ preparation for welding. We offer our experience to define the best processing according to the available technologies.


Through established partnerships and highly qualified personnel, we handle the rolling of thick plates with thicknesses ranging from 8mm up to 220mm and widths reaching 3000mm.

and customization.

Flexibility and customization.

Each company has specific requests and needs, which we solve by offering additional services to steel plate cutting. We are always customer oriented to evaluate and optimize the manufacturing process. Our goal is to offer the best solution to your company.

Heat treatments

Stress relieving, normalizing, annealing.

Ultrasonic testing

To verify internal discontinuities.

Grinding, deburring

To eliminate slag and or any sharp edges.

Cutting edges’ rounding

Sharp edges removal for painting preparation.

Plates/parts straightening

To adjust deformations due to thermal cutting.

Deliveries / transport

With our trucks or trusted partners.


For the preparation for painting, for mechanical processing or for the removal of scale.

3.2 testing by external company


Logistics support

Intra-EU transport

Our customized shipping services reflect our commitment to streamline the shipping process and ensure that your orders reach their destination efficiently. We are here to take care of the logistics and make the transportation of them hassle-free throughout Europe.

Extra EU transport

Our non-EU transportation services add value to your projects. We manage every logistical and bureaucratic aspect, taking care of all the necessary documents for international transportation, as well as coordinating with specialized customs agencies, and offer the possibility of shipping in standard 20- or 40-foot containers.

Logistics: a
well-organized system

Precision in warehouse management: Every decision is timely and accurate. Through the implementation of barcodes and packing lists, the system enables the identification and traceability of each package.

Il nostro servizio di logistica ottimizzato attraverso l'identificazione degli imballi


Each package is coded. With a code, you can access all the information about the shipped items.

Il nostro servizio di logistica ottimizzato attraverso l'identificazione degli imballi


The status of open orders is constantly monitored, and at every stage, you can access details about the items.

Il nostro servizio di logistica ottimizzato attraverso la tracciabilità

Waste reduction

Reduced waste in terms of time and errors: a system that minimizes mistakes and optimizes efficiency.