core business

The cutting of thick sheets is our core business. For almost 40 years, we have been constantly evolving both in the management of internal processes that allow us to guarantee fast delivery times to our customers, and in the use of high-performance machinery and our qualified personnel to provide customized cuts. We use technologies such as oxy-cutting or plasma cutting, depending on the type of material, processing, or thickness, which allows us to meet the most varied needs of our customers.

Sheet metal
oxycutting thick

Oxyfuel cutting is a method of cutting with a flame of propane gas and oxygen at high pressure, which can be used only with carbon steels and derivatives. At Sidertaglio Lamiere, thanks to our machinery and know-how, we process sheet metal from 6 to 650 mm, tools and experience that enable us to achieve precise, high-quality cuts.

At Sidertaglio Lamiere, for processing thick sheet metal, we have BEVEL and DRILL technologies that operate efficiently and integrated within the machine. This ensures optimized production, reducing processing time and costs.

Plasma sheet
metal cutting thick

Plasma cutting is a metal cutting method in which an inert gas is blown at high speed through a nozzle while an electric arc is established between an electrode and the surface to be cut. The plasma generated by the electric arc transfers heat to the metal material until it reaches the melting temperature, allowing the continuity of the metal to be broken. At Sidertaglio Lamiere we perform plasma cutting on sheet metal from 6 to 40 mm.

For plasma cutting, we have Bevel technology. This allows us to obtain slant cuts, operate on particularly complex surfaces in perfect safety while improving performance in terms of quality and speed. This service allows us to supply materials ready for welding.

For all
the needs

Our large work area of 3,800 x 24,000 mm.
enables us to meet even the most complex requirements.

Our large work area of 3,800 x 24,000 mm. enables us to meet even the most complex requirements.