In the industrial landscape, the choice of the appropriate material can determine the success or failure of a project. In this article, we explore the characteristics of Hardox wear-resistant steel produced by SSAB, with thicknesses ranging from 400 to 500 mm. This material is an excellent solution for applications requiring wear resistance and durability.

Hardox wear-resistant steel is renowned for its exceptional hardness and strength, with a hardness scale of up to 500 HB, achieved through a direct hardening process. This material is designed to withstand intense mechanical stress and extreme abrasion.

A distinguishing feature of Hardox is its low carbon content, which ensures outstanding workability. This means it can be easily welded and machined, even on thick sheets, without compromising its resistance to wear and abrasion.

Applications for this steel are varied and include material handling equipment, quarry vehicles, heavy machinery parts production, and mining. With its combination of strength, durability and machinability, Hardox wear-resistant steel is the ideal choice for industrial projects that require high performance and reliability over time.

In summary, SSAB’s Hardox wear-resistant steel offers the perfect combination of hardness and machinability, meeting the highest demands of modern industry. Sidertaglio Lamiere is ready to offer its support through its technical and commercial team to assist in the processes of purchasing and processing this extraordinary material. Contact us today for more information and to find out how Hardox can improve your industrial projects.

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