What is UNI EN 1090 certification.
UNI EN 1090 certification is based on European Directive 89/106/EC and European Regulation no. 305/2011. Specifically, UNI EN 1090 dictates standards for the fabrication of steel or aluminum structural components attested by a Certification. It became compulsory in July 2014 for all companies that intend to operate in specific sectors, and its purpose is, as mentioned above, to ensure compliance with the quality characteristics specified in the standard. Verification is carried out by an authorized notified body and, if successful, allows CE marking of the product and placing of the material on the European market, as well as participation in public procurement.

The standard is divided into five parts: UNI EN 1090-1, which deals with the requirements for conformity assessment of structural components; UNI EN 1090-2, which deals with the required construction requirements for steel structures; and UNI EN 1090-3, which deals with those for aluminum structures. Regarding welds, EN 1090 also refers to other quality standards and procedures, contained in EN ISO 3834, EN ISO 14731, EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 15614.

Who needs UNI EN 1090 certification?
Metalworkers who make bolts, nails, brackets, rolled sections or profiles of various shapes, bars or forgings (whether or not protected from corrosion by coatings, anodizing or other surface treatments), components that are part of steel-concrete composite structures, metal structures or parts of metal structures to be laid in place once completed, and pre-processed structural elements made of metal to be laid in place later must, therefore, arrange for their products to be certified.

In Sidertaglio Lamiere, where is UNI EN 1090 Certification applied?
The CE plate is applied at the specific request of the customer when he/she participates in public orders for structural components for railways, stadiums, public buildings. Sidertaglio Lamiere can certify according to UNI EN 1090 with execution class EXC3 all cut components on thicknesses from 6mm up to 180mm depending on the type of material required by the customer. The CE plate is combined with the relevant declaration of origin of performance, also called PDO.

You can download the certification here.

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