A supply chain

At Sidertaglio Lamiere, we have pioneered an advanced labeling system that enables the traceability of materials on steel sheet in real time. This system tracks the location and key information of each material from entry to exit. It’s a system specifically designed to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring efficient management of production and logistics processes, all while emphasizing the traceability of materials on steel sheet.”

incoming material

The labeling of incoming raw materials is a key process for ensuring product traceability. The label should contain all the information necessary to identify the raw material, its producer, date of receipt and any other specifications.

product material

Material name, product dimensions, reference job number, customer references and any drawing codes are the information contained in the labeling of materials produced. This label is a key tool to ensure, by barcode, the proper traceability of finished products in real time.

shipping packages

To ensure the proper handling and delivery of goods, at Sidertaglio Lamiere, we make use of special labeling developed to contain all the main information: shipper and consignee and characteristics of the goods. A bar code allows the contents of the package to be traced in a timely manner.

A system from the
multiple benefits.

Underlying our commitment to quality and efficiency is a state-of-the-art material traceability system. At Sidertaglio Lamiere, we believe that the key to providing excellent products and services is full knowledge and control of every step of the process. Our advanced labeling system is precisely designed to offer a diverse range of benefits, from maximum operational control to complete customer satisfaction

1. Maximum traceability. The system ensures complete traceability of materials

2. Efficiency. With advanced labeling, production and logistics processes are optimized.

3. Customer satisfaction. The system is designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

4. Error Reduction. Accurate labeling minimizes human error.

5. Real-time. Real-time monitoring of location and material information.