Cutting thick sheet metal is one of the most important challenges in industrial projects. The need to obtain large sheet metal parts with high precision requires appropriate technologies and specialized know-how.

Cutting can be done through the use of an oxyfuel system. This technology enables precise and uniform cutting of thick sheets, ensuring the necessary quality of the final product. Oxy-cutting uses a high-temperature oxyacetylene flame to heat the sheet metal and an oxygen jet for cutting, allowing efficient and rapid processing. The advantage of oxicutting is its versatility, as it can be used to cut sheet metal of varying thickness, from thin to thick. In addition, oxicutting is the only possible technology for “rapid” cutting of thick sheet metal

In conclusion, thick sheet metal cutting is the ideal solution for demanding industrial projects that require precision, speed and safety. With advanced technologies and the right tools, large sheets can be cut with perfect results and without compromise. Thick sheet oxyfuel is aimed at anyone who needs an efficient and reliable solution for cutting thick sheet metal. This can include companies operating in the construction, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

At Sidertaglio Lamiere, we are always close to our customers’ needs and are able to meet the most diverse requests. We understand the importance of providing customized solutions for each project and are committed to providing exceptional service for each client. Our advanced oxicutting technology for thick sheet metal allows us to precisely cut steel sheets up to 650 mm. We can guarantee precise and reliable processing for every project.

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